Few heaters capture the peak of French culture like the Petit Godin

The iron founder Jean Baptiste André Godin, was a French industrialist, writer, political theorist and social innovator. Godin manufactured cast-iron stoves and he was quoted at the time saying: “history will record our success” and indeed it did.

The brand, Godin became a generic name, synonymous with heating and quality and the Petit Godin perfectly captured the luxury of the time, while its impressive performance ensued it was a valued member of the home.

The Petite Godin is a French icon and one of the most popular and recognisable stoves to ever come down an assembly line.

Quintessentially French, this stove is still as popular today and still a collector’s dream.

The brand Godin is a famed vintage stove. Celebrating the iron founder Jean-Baptiste Godin (1817-88) 200th anniversary this year, has cemented the Petit Godin’s place as a French wood fired stove classic.

Godin is one of the few factories to produce its own cast iron and is one of the largest producers of stoves in France producing over 150,000 units per year and exporting them to all countries in the world. They have a long and established history having started production in 1840 with the Petit Godin which is known the world over.

We are proud to announce, that this romantic and legendary MODERN CLASSIC is back in Australia.

With the same famous Godin styling signatures with its round barrel shape body and distinctive, intricate lace work, the Petite Godin is not only practical but beautiful, a ‘work of art’ that when even not in use to warm your home is a valued (prized) piece of furniture.
Manufactured today using the latest innovative technology, the Petit Godin offers excellent heating performance and energy efficiency in wood heating. Available in a range of beautiful colours these iconic and unique stoves will add liveliness and sophistication to your home. No matter what your décor style, be it classic or boho-chic, the Petit Godin will add the perfect heart to your home.

Source: Editorial for Godin – Period Style Magazine 2018