Urban Industrial Design Trends

How can we define Urban Industrial Design Trends?

It takes courage and innovation attempting this design space. Today’s urban industrial interior design arena is about exposing all that lies beneath to achieve raw and edgy style.

Whilst other styles of design are at pains to hide certain features, urban industrial design boldly and intuitively displays the unadorned space. Structural components are turned into feature elements achieving a look that seems unfinished, yet cohesive and current. Modern industrial decor takes open concept living to a whole new level.

Urban Industrial Heating Trends

Heating solutions for the urban industrial design space can pose many challenges for designers. The accent of high ceilings and use of exposed bricks, large glass windows and glass feature walls can all increase the need for cost effective, efficient and sustainable heating.

Heating of industrial spaces is an essential part of the design process and not only requires smart energy efficient industrial strength heating but flexible and timeless design concepts that will complement the raw industrial design elements.

The use of a quality firebox that can adequately heat the entire space is crucial.

The original freestanding firebox design concept in Australia was inspired by the impressive Cheminee Philippe fireboxes. These fireboxes not only offers Australian Architects unique design capabilities but the prefect heating solution for industrial spaces; they are the world renowned French manufacturer of heavy-duty cast iron fireboxes. This superb firebox design features superior strength ceramic glass doors, and years of carefully considered engineering by heating experts for the ultimate in heating transmission.

This means they not only offer outstanding strength and durability but ensures maximum energy efficiency for a more sustainable industrial heating solution.