Sunpower Design – Glenburn

Best Environmentally Sustainable Design Award.

With a 7-star energy rating, this house is a carefully considered example of environmentally sustainable design.

A Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 two sided exposed slow combustion heater has been installed to heat the entire home. It has sliding glass doors either side allowing the unit to be used either as an open fireplace or a much more efficient slow combustion heater. Timber is sourced totally from fallen trees on the site. Heat shifter ducts have been installed from the living room block with outlets into the other two wings to move hot air from the living room to the other ends of the home. If the sun has been shining on the coldest of winter days no additional heating is required in the evenings. The Cheminees Philippe is only lit on overcast days.

Project: Glenburn, Victoria

Architects: Sunpower Design

Photographer: Rhiannon Slatter