Motorclassica – Automobilia

A series of sketches by David McCubbin for the Motorclassica Australian International Motor Show 2017.

Each image on the Motorclassica series evokes a sense of wonder and examination of form and beauty. And the public response has been enthusiastic.

Sketches by David McCubbin

On Motorclassica.

“Motorclassica has grown’.  Last year the preoccupation was with classic and vintage European cars. Because the artist knows very little about cars of that era, he decided, naturally to position them, with another classic European tradition. To set these unique objects within the intricate and labyrinthine perspective of the late renaissance architect Piranesi. And borrow shamelessly from his unique vision. These images combine monochromatic depth and intense detail with the applied visual splendour of simple colour.  The ensuing effect is to create the perfect backdrop to these magnificent objects.  The objects express a lightness, and anthropomorphism in design.  Suggesting that utility and function and the majesty of form, sculpture and the human capacity for imagination can encapsulate the sublime beauty of visionary engineering, as a pure expression of art.