Godin Baguera DF Wood Heater

Creating the perfect division between two spaces comes the double sided take on the the affectionately nicknamed “The Bush TV” single sided model, is the Godin Baguera DF Wood Heater.

With it’s retro-style design, this mixture of cast iron with steel casing will create the perfect stir in even the most understated of places. Designed to delight with its “groovy looks, the Godin Baguera DF Wood Heater will not only demand attention, but will be the best centrally placed companion on those chilly winter nights.

Features & Benefits:

– Heats up to 180m2*
– Double sided wood heater
– Also known as “The Bush TV”
– Cast iron and steel constructed firebox
– Exceptional radiant heating performance
– Swing door opening system
– EPA approved and certified
– Australian emission and efficiency compliant to AS/NZS 4012/4013
– Large view of the flames
– Made in the Godin cast iron foundry, situated in Guise, north west of Paris since 1840

*Heating output varies depending upon ceiling height, fuel used, building insulation and atmospheric conditions

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