Cheminees Philippe is extremely proud of its reputation for being the first manufacturer of a ‘dual opening’ firebox with the choice of both excellent slow combustion heating and the ambience and warmth of an open fire.

French Designed & Manufactured Fireboxes

Cheminees Philippe’s dedication to the research and development of their Radiante designer collection of fireboxes gives them a leading position in the world’s slow combustion/open fireplace heating market.

With over 400 retail outlets in France the brand Cheminees Philippe is famous throughout the world and is exported to more than 30 countries.

PHILIPPE FIREPLACES is a company of international repute who completely control its supply and entire production. Bethune includes the headquarters and administrative services, carpentry, manufacture of fireplaces, maintenance and shipping.

Cheminees Philippe’s advanced engineering technology and ultra modern equipment, combined with the expertise of the team of over 1200 skilled designers, technicians and engineers in the development of their fires, enable them to offer their clients quality fireplaces second to none.

Near the head office and manufacturing facilities, Lievin on 7 acres is the foundry where the cast iron fireboxes are produced using the most advanced technology of Disamatic 2070 automation.The use of cast iron ensures optimum reliability of our chimneys is well known that cast iron is the material most suitable for very high temperatures.

The stone used in the Cheminees Philippe mantelpieces is extracted from our quarries close to the famous Pont du Gard. High quality fine-grained stone is extracted from our quarries, cut and polished locally and sculptured using digital recording machines to creates the beautiful embossing of mantle pieces and columns Cheminees Philippe is famous for.

Marble and granite is also integrated to produce 100’s of beautiful fireplace designs. The quality of the products extracted from our quarries.

With over 50 years of commitment to the wood heating industry in France, Cheminees Philippe is positioned as one of the worlds most dynamic designers and manufacturers of beautiful, efficient slow combustion fires.

Cheminees Philippe’s philosophy is to produce superior wood burning products combined with ongoing advancements in fireplace design, heating efficiency, performance and clean air technology.

Their team of over 1200 skilled designers, technicians and engineers are continually developing ‘new’ technology to combine fireplace aesthetics with improved quality and performance.

Before leaving the factory all Cheminees Philippe fires are inspected to ensure they meet their high manufacturing standards and that of the ‘Flamme Verte’ quality label of the Environment and Energy Mastery Agency of Europe.

Cheminees Philippe Radiante Horama

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