Lost Melbourne and the Making of Melbapore

A journey that is both breathtaking and emotional. An exploration of the soul of a city and those who knew the value of things, not the cost.

On “Lost Melbourne” and the “Making of Melbapore”

David is currently working on these interrelated architectural projects.  The first re-creating the lost buildings of Melbourne, and the second, to re-imagine what Melbourne may look like in years to come. David’s background in architecture, landscape design and the principals of perspective allow him to employ to full measure a bravura performance both in paint and draughtsmanship.  Of objects and space held within the prism of the “mind’s eye”. These large format images are a presentiment of things to come and suggest the innumerable, “What ifs” and possibilities of what happens when a city loses something of itself in transformation.   Is what passes irreplaceable? Is it mourned? Or it just the omnipresent cycle of change and property speculation that has guided this city since the first European settlements. “We build monuments, only to tear them down”.

The images, somber, sad, evocative, and lyrical leave the audience to make their own mind and suggests that we need to maintain an association within our built environment so the people who live there and the fragments of past and present they hold dear maintain a link to identity and of themselves. To establish a journey through time and to play with the mystery of mind and memory.

Paintings by David McCubbin