For Motorclassica in 2018, the emphasis switched to something the artist David McCubbin was more familiar with; ‘Postwar British’ engineering and the Morris J Van. This time David chose to reposition the iconic van within the typography of the 1940’s and 50’s poster. These posters were subsequently exhibited at Motorclassica and received favourable response both in Melbourne and at the 70th anniversary celebrations held in… Read More

A series of sketches by David McCubbin for the Motorclassica Australian International Motor Show 2017. Each image on the Motorclassica series evokes a sense of wonder and examination of form and beauty. And the public response has been enthusiastic. Sketches by David McCubbin On Motorclassica. “Motorclassica has grown’.  Last year the preoccupation was with classic and vintage European cars. Because the artist knows very little… Read More

A journey that is both breathtaking and emotional. An exploration of the soul of a city and those who knew the value of things, not the cost. On “Lost Melbourne” and the “Making of Melbapore” David is currently working on these interrelated architectural projects.  The first re-creating the lost buildings of Melbourne, and the second, to re-imagine what Melbourne may look like in years to… Read More

Art Series - Autumn

Autumn has arrived. Let us rejoice, “the season of mellow fruitfulness” has us in its thrall. For those mellow days ahead, we turn once again from the beach and the balmy sun to the inward glow of hearth and home. Of shorter days not warm enough to stave off the onset of the encroaching winter. Of the chestnuts glowing in the brazier, a carafe of… Read More

Format Architects - Buxton Rise

Buxton Rise is a weekend getaway in the bush. My aim was to create a house that offers a sense of calm. Primarily that’s achieved through framing views from inside out to the landscape, using basic geometric forms, natural materials and simple detailing. I wanted to express the fire place because it enhances that sense of calm and wellbeing. It’s an important design element and… Read More

Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa - Photo Credit:

Milton Park Country House Hotel & Spa is a five star hotel offering luxurious accommodation, fine cuisine and impeccable yet discreet service in an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication. Located on the beautiful grounds of Milton Park Country Hotel, the fireplace renovation in this villa needed to incorporate the Cheminees Philippe firebox, wood storage and display for the unique pottery created by the owner. The solution… Read More

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 1200 - Architects: BKK Architects, Builder: Overend Constructions, Photographer: Peter Bennetts

Beached House has been conceived formally as an exercise in volumetric origami; folding of spaces over and upon each other. In this way the house resembles a small village or informal site occupation that has aggregated over time. There are a number of these folded spatial sequences within the house that allow for playful discovery and encounter as well as opportunities for varying connections between… Read More

Cheminees Philippe Radiante 846 2V - Architect: BKK Architects, Builder: Overend Construction, Photographer: Shannon McGrath

The project introduces a rich palette of materials that engage with the exterior landscape. There are two main elements that ‘anchor’ the interiors; the folding split-faced concrete block wall and the stone fireplace (Radiante 846 2V) in the centre of the living spaces. These two, robust features are the focus of the design; all other spaces and material selections are complementary to these. Cheminees Philippe… Read More

Portsea-House - Architects: BKK Architects, Builder: Layton Builders

The clients’ preference for containing the dwelling within a minimal footprint reflects their original brief to BKK Architects, that new built form should exert minimum impact on the existing vegetation, and should complement existing contours on the block. A palette of neutral materials, predominantly natural timbers with dark non-reflective metal components, was used to minimise visual impact. The emphasis on natural materials extends to the… Read More