Cheminees Philippe has built their reputation over 50 years on their unique slow combustion/open fire, the first and leading firebox of its kind.

A dynamic, family owned and run French company, the team at Cheminees Philippe take pride in their collaborative approach to inspirational design and production of a world class cast iron fireplace.

Their 100% French designed & manufactured fires are all about:

  • style
  • performance
  • energy efficiency
  • the environment
  • safety

The combined result is you have the very best in world class slow combustion/open fires.

Leading Technology in Heating

Every Cheminees Philippe firebox is made to the exacting standards of their expert design, engineering and production team. Using the latest technology, the Cheminees Philippe team of skilled technicians supervise every step of the manufacturing process, testing and inspection of the fireboxes. Cheminees Philippe’s commitment to quality, aesthetics, energy and environmental performance, positions us ahead of our competitors.

Cheminees Philippe Cares About Our Planet

Environmental heating solutions are important to us all. That is why Cheminees Philippe take their responsibility to our planet seriously and is committed to producing environmentally friendly products.  Cheminees Philippe fires are manufactured to achieve the very strict environmental requirements of the European Union’s energy rating system; the ‘Flamme Verte’ quality label for efficiency, environmental and air quality.

Cheminees Philippe is also members of the Australian Home Heating Association and adhere to all government rules and regulations governing the manufacturing and supply, clearances and emissions of home heating products.

Energy Saving – Save on Heating

Cheminees Philippe pride themselves on their commitment to producing efficient and cost effective heating to save you money on your heating bills. Their all cast iron firebox with its large heat exchanger designed with unique heat transmission fins are an excellent means of transferring heat into the room. The advanced air control system allows you to adjust the heat output and burn rate as you desire. Cheminees Philippe’s dual heating system of both radiant and naturally convected heat is a reliable, efficient and cost effective way of heating your home and therefore reducing the need for gas and electric heating.


Love the romance of a real open fire and the cosy warmth of a slow combustion wood fired heater?
Cheminees Philippe offer you both, designing the first, original dual opening door mechanism, providing lifestyle choice of enjoying your fire.

Slide the door up out of view to enjoy the charm and atmosphere of an open fire or simply slide the door back down to close and it reverts to a safe, energy efficient heater while still retaining the exceptional view of the dancing flames. Going out or retiring for the night, load up the large firebox and it will continue to warm your home for many hours.

Giving You Choice

Building, renovating or redesigning an existing fireplace, Cheminees Philippe have a range of heating solutions for every home or commercial environment offering a large range of fireboxes to cater for all applications and budgets.
The Cheminees Philippe collection of single, double and three sided fireboxes in different sizes and styles with classic or contemporary features, give you endless possibilities in fireplace design.

An exciting new trend emerging has been to leave the Cheminees Philippe firebox exposed to show off their distinctive sculptured cast iron profile. Placed in the middle of a space or against a wall, they are just so beautiful and versatile.

Quality Control & Warranty

Made from the highest quality materials and tested to exacting standards, all Cheminees Philippe products are inspected to ensure they meet the top level of quality and attention to detail that goes into the making of every Cheminees Philippe fire. So confident in the quality of their products they are all come with a generous 5 year warranty.