Trending French Fireplace Designs

Whether in the middle of winter or on any chilly night throughout the year, a cosy, roaring fireplace is the comforting focal point of any room. A fireplace is the heart of a room — somewhere everyone can gather to relax and socialise.

It’s a statement piece that encapsulates the interior design of your property. Here, we explore some unique design ideas, with a key focus on French fireplaces.

Featuring a solid construction and timeless appeal as an interior design element, cast iron Cheminees Philippe French fireplaces are perfect for anyone looking for a striking architectural heating solution for their home.

Black Fireplaces

When using the deep tones of black around your hearth the warm flames of your fireplace will contrast with the dark surrounding wall. This look is ideal in a sleek, contemporary home for those looking to achieve a striking, atmospheric look or moody classic rooms.

Stone Fireplaces

This is the perfect option for those seeking a rustic, cabin-style feel. A fireplace with a beautiful stone facade helps you achieve a look and feel that is truly cosy whilst remaining elegant and stylish.

Double Sided Fireplaces

For unsurpassed ambiance and unique design, nothing beats a designer double sided French fireplace. You can conveniently heat two rooms at the same time and use this playful design as a divider between living spaces. You’ll be sure to love the flickering flames from both spaces.